Regarding the effects of fibroids on obstetrical outcomes

4 05 2012

To the Editor:

We read the recent article by Shavell et al. (1) regarding the effects of fibroids on obstetrical outcomes and have the following comments:

First, the number of women in each group was very small (n=95) and the number of women with fibroids >5cm was much smaller (n=42). Compare this with the study by Stout et al. (2) where 2,058 women with fibroids were compared with 61,989 without fibroids, all of whom had routine second trimester ultrasounds. Stout reported significant differences in OR for placenta previa, abruption, PROM, preterm birth 5 cm. It would be helpful for the authors to describe criteria for transfusion. Read the rest of this entry »