Problem of assisted reproductive technology in Japan after 2011 earthquake crisis

13 06 2011

To the Editor:

The recent publication regarding problems for assisted reproduction clinics in Japan after the 2011 earthquake is very interesting (1). Ishihara and Yoshimura noted the problem of loss of embryos, and the surprising revelation that no frozen embryos in liquid nitrogen tanks were lost (1). Ishihara and Yoshimura said that “Emergency power supply is the first priority issue” (1). Read the rest of this entry »

IVM of immature oocytes in stimulated cycles

13 04 2009

Johnson et al’s (1) efforts to rescue and utilize immature oocytes generated during ovarian stimulation cycles which would otherwise be wasted are commendable. This author’s experience in a similar endeavor (2) suggests that ovarian stimulation regimes may generate approximately 20% immature oocytes (1, 2), which is a significant loss if efforts are not made to rescue and utilize them. Read the rest of this entry »