Five-day anastrozole in infertility needs supplemental hCG

19 05 2011

To the Editor:

I read with great interest the article by Tredway D et al. (1), in which they concluded that “in terms of ovulation rates, 5-day anastrozole at 1,5, and 10 mg/d was less effective than CC at 50mg/d for cycle 1”. They have done a good work.

However, surprisingly, the ovulation rates for anastrozole groups were obviously low. In their Results Section, they mentioned that “most patients receiving anastrozole 1 mg/d (72.7%) and 5 mg/d (73.5%) achieved monofollicular development (one follicle ≥ 17 mm in diameter), compared with 70.4% of patients receiving CC”. We argue that monofollicular development (one follicle ≥ 17 mm in diameter) rates were similar between anastrozole and CC, why was ovulation rates difference so significant (the ovulation rates for anastrozole at 1, 5, and 10 mg/d were 30.4%, 36.8% and 35.9%, respectively, compared with 64.9% for CC at 50 mg/d)?

We believe that it is due to lack of supplemental hCG. Read the rest of this entry »


Less may, indeed, be less: multi-collinearity in studies of ovarian reserve

30 10 2008

To the Editor:

We read with interest the recent paper by Pal et al. (1), in which they conclude that their data and accruing literature suggest adverse influences of “excess” gonadotropin use on IVF outcomes. While we applaud their attempt at tackling a potentially very important question, we disagree with interpretation of data and conclusions in the manuscript. Read the rest of this entry »