Microbiota of the seminal fluid

22 01 2014

To the Editor:

I read with great interest the article by Hou et al. (1) regarding the microbiota of the seminal fluid from sperm donors and infertile subjects. This study aimed to explore potential causes of male infertility and showed that increased number of bacteria were present in semen samples from infertile subjects as well as sperm donors. The topic of infections and infertility is extremely interesting, and there are still a lot of aspects to be covered.

The significance of bacteriospermia in subfertile men is controversial. When dealing with a sperm sample the possibility of contamination is always probable since the presence of normal flora cannot be overlooked. Moreover, it is quite challenging to evaluate which microorganisms significantly affect male fertility potential. However, bacteriospermia and leukocytospermia have a negative effect on male fertility through multiple proposed mechanisms (2). In the largest study to evaluate bacteriospermia, Domes et al. (2) commonly diagnosed in subfertile men bacteriospermia and leukocytospermia, which were associated with a significantly increased DNA fragmentation index. Read the rest of this entry »