Does uterine artery ligation, performed because of a severe postpartum hemorrhage, alter fertility?

26 04 2011

To the Editor:

We read with interest the case series report by Blanc et al. that highlights the risk of synechia after uterine-sparing procedures (1). The authors concluded that their “results suggest that triple ligation (TUAL), with or without haemostatic multiple square suturing (HMSS), exposes patients to the risk of subsequent abnormalities of the uterine cavity.” (1).

Regarding HMSS, we could not agree more with the authors, as we have been attempting to alert physicians to the possible hidden mid-term or long-term effects of uterine compression sutures (2–6), although these procedures were adopted promptly throughout the world. Read the rest of this entry »


Re: The effect of surgical treatment for endometrioma on in vitro fertilization outcomes: a systematic review and meta – analysis.

2 09 2009

To the Editor:

We read the article by Tsoumpou et al. (1) with interest and commend the authors’ attempt to address this topical issue. The decision on what to do with regard to endometriomas in women having IVF remains an everyday challenge. The authors have done well to summarize the available data addressing this issue. Read the rest of this entry »