Haplotypes and polymorphisms of the ANXA5 nontranslated region in Japanese and European women with recurrent miscarriage and in controls

9 10 2013

To the Editor:

Yuko Hayashi and coauthors confirm single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs1050606 (SNP5) of the nontranslated region of the ANXA5 gene as a risk factor for recurrent miscarriage (RM) in Japanese patients (1). They also conclude that the risk allele has no influence on pregnancy outcome from 79 abortions that occurred from November 2012 to February 2013 in a group of 264 Japanese women with RM history in Nagoya City University Hospital. Almost two-thirds of the 79 aborted fetuses, or ~ 64% had abnormal karyotypes, which leaves only n = 17 cases possibly influenced by thrombophilia through carriage of common ANXA5 SNPs/haplotypes, among other factors. Moreover, since no data about the timing of miscarriages are shared, but the majority of abortions in the patient group are apparently due to chromosomal aberrations, it is rather likely this is an early (predominantly before 10th week of gestation) RM group. It is certainly very plausible that live birth rates in such a preselected cohort would not be notably influenced by carriage of ANXA5 SNPs/haplotypes, as M2/ANXA5 for example should not be significant as a risk factor before weeks 10 to 12 of gestation (2). Read the rest of this entry »